A Firefox extension that lets you parse books from amazon.de via right-click.

  • Once installed, it adds an option "Enlist book" in the right-click menu, whenever you visit amazon.de
  • Makes a yaml list of the book's properties
  • Saves them to $HOME/amParser/books.yaml


As it is, the extension is not signed by Mozilla. Newer versions of of Firefox patronise the user by enforcing signatures instead of just warning about missing ones. Future versions of Firefox will be even more patronising and not provide a manual override in about:config.

That said, for the moment you can do the following:

  1. Type 'about:config' (without quotes) into Firefox's address bar.
  2. Search for 'xpinstall.signatures.required' and set the value to false.
  3. Realise that you have just turned off signature enforcement on all extensions, so be careful.
  4. Pick a compiled version of the extension under releases and drag it into your Firefox.
  5. It should install.


The file 'books.yaml' inside the folder 'amParser' (in your home directory) might look like this:


title: "Essential Bushcraft"
authors: [Ray Mears (Autor)]
publisher: "Hodder & Stoughton General Division; Auflage: Reprint (23. Juni 2003)"
isbn10: 0340829710
isbn13: 978-0340829714
amazonPrice: "EUR 24,01"


title: "Ray Mears Outdoor Survival Handbook: The Classic Indispensable Guide to 
Surviving the Outdoors"
authors: [Ray Mears (Autor)]
publisher: "Ebury Press (30. Mai 2001)"
isbn10: 0091878861
isbn13: 978-0091878863
amazonPrice: "EUR 20,35"

So far it seems like this format is bookseller-parseable.