BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
buzzer-jumperUpdate files for jumper wire from PB4 to buzzer.David A. Mellis7 years
isp-headerAdd HPGL and coreldraw (CDR) files.David A. Mellis7 years
led-matrixUpdate Partworks and Shopbot files.David A. Mellis6 years
led-matrix-3gConnect fourth VCC pin and additional GND pins.David A. Mellis6 years
masterFix origin on ShopBot and PartWorks files.David A. Mellis6 years
moduleUpdate date and generate gerbers.David A. Mellis7 years
v20121217Update hpgl and Corel Draw files for 12/17/2012 case.David A. Mellis8 years
v20130104Add dxf, partworks, and shopbot files for CNC case.David A. Mellis7 years
prototype-20130104cellphone2hw-prototype-20130104.tar.gz  David A. Mellis8 years
prototype-20121217cellphone2hw-prototype-20121217.tar.gz  David A. Mellis8 years
prototype-20121001cellphone2hw-prototype-20121001.tar.gz  David A. Mellis8 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2014-09-09Fix origin on ShopBot and PartWorks files.HEADmasterDavid A. Mellis
2014-09-05Update PartWorks (.crv) files, add ShopBot (.sbp) files.David A. Mellis
2014-09-04Move dowel holes to separate layer; add hole for jumper wire solder.David A. Mellis
2014-03-24Add DXF, PartWorks, and ShopBot files for CNC case (missing mic hole).David A. Mellis
2014-03-24Add groove for wire jumper (from buzzer to microcontroller) on old PCBs.David A. Mellis
2014-03-04Add pockets for magnets, as an alternative layer to the screw holes.David A. Mellis
2014-03-04Update solid case files for different pocket heights (from LED matrix).David A. Mellis
2014-03-04Update solid case SVG files to 2013-08-08 PCB (larger holes and buzzer jumper).David A. Mellis
2013-09-26Add OSH Park gerber cam job and gerbers.David A. Mellis
2013-08-08Update for new holes.David A. Mellis