finstr A bullshit-free image gallery generator. gutmet3 months
pm5convConverter for Concept2 PM5 logbooks.gutmet4 months
MakeXSuckLessCustom CSS to make the internet suck a tiny bit less.gutmet4 months
ambrowseExtract book metadata from amazon. gutmet3 months
laymanshex-filesFile descriptions to use with laymanshex.gutmet9 months
oauth1Go oauth1, forked from years
SimpleThemeIntelliJ IDEA/Android Studio themegutmet3 months
laymanshexLayman's hex editor.gutmet3 months
libUnreadMailLibrary that implements barely enough IMAP to read unseen mail.gutmet2 years
picolistMinimal mailing list and newsletter.gutmet8 weeks
MoppyMusical controller for an Arduino-floppy drive set up, forked from SammyIAm/Mopp...gutmet4 years
plan9portdiffPatches for Plan 9 from User Space.gutmet5 months
go-resizePure golang image resizing, forked from years
FFReverseGeoReverse geolocation look-up for nodes JSON.gutmet3 years
simpleserverSimple go webserver for local testing and the like.gutmet3 months
hdietSimple offline version of John Walker's Hacker's Diet toolsgutmet3 months
snippetsSome code snippets and helpersgutmet7 weeks
wombatStatic site generator.gutmet3 weeks
golang-freetypeThe Freetype font rasterizer in the Go programming language,forked from https://...gutmet2 years
goutilThings I need for golanggutmet2 months
mkernelToy kernel starting out from years
TDLTraining Description Language for weightlifting and generator. gutmet2 months
drivelTwitter CLIgutmet7 weeks
golang-image[Mirror] Go supplementary image libraries years
go-chartgo chart is a basic charting library in native golang, forked from https://githu...gutmet2 years