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2018-02-21Merge pull request #64 from nfnt/update-readmeHEADmasterJan Schlicht
2018-02-21Update README.Jan Schlicht
2018-02-21Update Travis configuration.Jan Schlicht
2018-02-21Support 411 and 410 subsampling rations for go1.5+Charlie Vieth
2016-11-15Don't resize inputs with zero width or heightAdam Thomason
2016-07-24Fix alpha pre-multiplication.nfnt
2016-01-09Separate color assignment and alpha pre-multiplication.nfnt
2016-01-07Use RGBA, RGBA64 image types as output.nfnt
2016-01-07OopsEugene Zagidullin
2016-01-07Reverse alpha premultiplicationEugene Zagidullin