AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-11-26LaTeX-Quellen für SeemeilennachweisHEADmastergutmet
2020-11-25allow choice of backgroundgutmet
2020-11-24cutAndShrinkVideo as standalone - doesn't really work as sequential cut and s...gutmet
2020-11-23snippet latexpicgutmet
2020-11-13url-encode filename (problem with square brackets)gutmet
2020-11-12youtube-rss: use url as description of channelgutmet
2020-11-12youtube-dl continues to amazegutmet
2020-11-09youtube-rss: revert last changegutmet
2020-11-09repeat youtube playlist extraction once on errorgutmet
2020-11-08delete ancient garbagegutmet
2020-11-03make par command idempotent if possiblegutmet
2020-11-01youtube-rss: youtube-dl seems to produce faulty data once in a while - fail thengutmet
2020-11-01youtube-rss: exit on errorgutmet
2020-10-31youtube-rss: make number of playlist items an argumentgutmet
2020-10-31youtube-rss: limit to 20 itemsgutmet
2020-10-31youtube-rss: wrap rest in CDATAgutmet
2020-10-31youtube-rss: generate an rss from a channel with youtube-dl, jq and GNU dategutmet
2020-10-21stamp.go: rename flag 'precise' to 'nano'gutmet
2020-10-21use stamp.go for timestamp in filenamegutmet
2020-10-21stamp.go: solo timestamps or for each line in stdingutmet
2020-10-21delete not-well-thought-out stuffgutmet
2020-10-21add standard timestampsgutmet
2020-10-21gitdist: use UTC time, use full date and timegutmet
2020-10-14youtube-par-cmd: use m3u8 extensiongutmet
2020-10-14youtube-par-cmd: add playlist title to m3ugutmet
2020-10-14youtube-par-cmd: fall back to playlist id if playlist title is weirdgutmet
2020-10-14youtube: create .m3u for playlists instead of title dumpgutmet
2020-10-13youtube: unify parallel downloads of pure audio and videogutmet
2020-10-13add script for parallel youtube audio downloadgutmet
2020-10-13externalize filextension crap, new "cutToCD" for audio filesgutmet
2020-10-13add youtube-audio-dl scriptgutmet
2020-10-13flutter: target newer SDKgutmet
2020-08-17change usagegutmet
2020-06-02twitter becomes more useless every day...gutmet
2020-05-30cd to HOMEgutmet
2020-05-24lowercase launchericongutmet
2020-05-24don't show debug banner in debug modegutmet
2020-05-23lokaler Package-importgutmet
2020-05-23center loading messagegutmet
2020-05-22let the home widget load for itself (don't separate loading and saving)gutmet
2020-05-22createFlutter: automatically create loading screen that switches over to homegutmet
2020-05-22Don't overwrite gitignore - appendgutmet
2020-05-21replace space by underscoregutmet
2020-05-21createFlutter: overwrite useless main.dartgutmet
2020-05-21flutter create: default to java as android language because kotlin crashes in...gutmet
2020-05-21ignore remoteRepogutmet
2020-05-20use App Name to set android labelgutmet
2020-05-19script to create a new flutter app with release setupgutmet