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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-05-24lowercase launchericongutmet
2020-05-24don't show debug banner in debug modegutmet
2020-05-23center loading messagegutmet
2020-05-22let the home widget load for itself (don't separate loading and saving)gutmet
2020-05-22createFlutter: automatically create loading screen that switches over to homegutmet
2020-05-22Don't overwrite gitignore - appendgutmet
2020-05-21replace space by underscoregutmet
2020-05-21createFlutter: overwrite useless main.dartgutmet
2020-05-21flutter create: default to java as android language because kotlin crashes in...gutmet
2020-05-20use App Name to set android labelgutmet
2020-05-19script to create a new flutter app with release setupgutmet