DeDRM_toolsDeDRM tools for ebooks, forked from apprenticeharper/DeDRM_tools.gutmet8 months
MaXYposiSchneller 2D/3D-Positionierer/Portalroboter, forked from heise/MaXYposi.gutmet5 months
MoppyMusical controller for an Arduino-floppy drive set up, forked from SammyIAm/Mopp...gutmet8 months
TDL Home of the Training Description Language for weightlifting and its implementat...gutmet10 months
amParser A Firefox plugin that lets you parse books from via right-click. gutmet10 months
ccv15An effort to migrate Community Core Vision 1.5 to other platforms, forked from j...gutmet8 months
cellphone2Second iteration of the DIY cellphone (based on the Arduino GSM shield), forked ...gutmet8 months
cellphone2hwCircuit (Eagle) and case (Inkscape) files for the cellphone, forked from damelli...gutmet8 months
finstr A bullshit-free image gallery generator. gutmet5 weeks
goodfetAn embedded bus adapter for various microcontrollers and radios http://goodfet.s...gutmet8 months
goodwatchA good watch, forked from travisgoodspeed/goodwatch.gutmet5 weeks
goutilThings I need for golanggutmet10 months
hdietSimple offline version of John Walker's Hacker's Diet toolsgutmet4 months
jekassStatic site generator.gutmet5 weeks
libUnreadMailLibrary that implements barely enough IMAP to read unseen mail.gutmet13 days
libmowgli-2mowgli development framework (version 2) -- generic runtime for atheme applicati...gutmet8 months
mkernelToy kernel starting out from months
nexLexer for Go, forked from months
pentabugSoft- and Hardware for the beginner soldering project pentabug, forked from c3d2...gutmet8 months
picolistMinimal mailing list and newsletter.gutmet5 weeks
snippetsSome code snippets and helpersgutmet8 months